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3D Molecules Edit&Drill

3D Molecules Edit&Drill is a chemistry tool for iPad geared to build 3D molecule models from scratch.

With this app users can easily assemble model of any organic or inorganic compound using most of periodic table elements. There are also tool “Rings” which make it easy to build cyclic compounds. The application supports single, double and triple bonds. The model can be visualized in Stick style, Ball and Stick or Spacefill (CPK). At any moment users can get information about bonds length and symbols of chemical elements.

The key feature of 3D Molecules Edit&Drill is “Test yourself” mode allows learners to check their knowledge of chemical compounds and to receive feedback. Learners get a list of organic and inorganic compounds and can build their own models to check how well they learnt the material. Application feedback is very important for learners when learning chemical compounds.

When you have finished building your molecule you can either save the model or sent by e-mail. Model can also be opened directly from e-mail.

Main features:
·        “Test yourself” mode meant for constructing target chemical compounds.
·        Visualization of Stick style, Ball and Stick, Spacefill (CPK) models.
·        Support of single, double and triple bonds.
·        Building molecule models of cyclic compounds.
·        Visualization of atomic orbitals and electron effects.
·        Availability of information about the bond length and chemical element symbols in the molecule.
·        Bond-angle optimization.
·        Save-and-send feature to forward the created model by e-mail.
·        Opening the molecule file attachments directly from e-mail.

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